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You don’t want to risk your home with inexperienced builders. With over ten years of experience in home improvement and restoration, Shield Kings brings you the best service at a reasonable price. Call us now for a free consultation for an ounce of early prevention could mean a pound of expensive reconstruction!

Home Renovations


Basement Finishing


Turn that dark room into a beautiful lounge area that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.




Remodel or rebuild your washroom with brand new materials to add comfort and style in your home.




We can do any home or garden remodelling from decks to landscaping.

Basement Waterproofing


Foundation Repairs


Your foundation wall needs extra care due to the pressures it handles from the outside elements and moisture.


Foundation Waterproofing


Keep everything protected and sealed through our meticulous sealing process to keep harmful moisture out.


Crack Injections


We seal all cracks to prevent any further damage, keeping your walls protected for all seasons.

Asphalt Sealing


Parking Lots


We will take care of your asphalt cracks with our clay-based sealer to prevent further damages. Service available for commercial areas.




We keep your driveway protected and sealed through our meticulous process and clay-based sealer. Service available for commercial areas.

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